6 Practical Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

By: Megan Lambert

There are different types of stress that impact you and your family on a daily basis. For example, planning a wedding and getting in a car accident are two very different types of stress. Specifically, the scientific community defines the difference between positive and negative stress as eustress and distress. Accordingly, this article gives six examples of coping mechanisms for the negative stressors in your life

  1. Keep a journal

Record something you are thankful for in a gratitude journal every day.

  1. Make lists

Create a to-do-list for every day of the week with the tasks you want to accomplish for the respective day. That way, your day will be more organized and focused.

  1. Practice deep breathing

After your alarm goes off in the morning, take 5-10 slow, deep breaths. Take five counts to breathe in and five counts to breathe out. This Harvard article describes the benefits of this relaxation technique.

  1. Create time for yourself

Schedule time to exercise, go for a walk, or practice yoga. Even 20 minutes makes a difference!

  1. Use relaxation phone apps

This article reviews five different phone apps that play relaxation, white noise sounds. For example, Brain Wave has 25 different categories such as “expresso shot,” “morning meditation,” and “focused and alert” that play different white noise sounds based on the category you choose. I personally have found success using Brain Wave when I am having trouble focusing when I’m working or studying!

  1. Utilize progressive relaxation

Edmund Jacobson, a renowned physician in the 1900’s, created a method of relaxation that takes an individual through a series of sequences that relax each muscle group. See the video below to learn more about this technique: